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Meet Anu | Christmas in July

Dear Friends, 

I'd like you to meet a bright young lady named Anu. She lives with her parents and 4 siblings in Nalaikh, Mongolia. Anu recently shared with us the story of how the 'Winter Kits' project made an impact on her life. This is what she had to say:

I am in the 5th grade at 119th school in Nalaikh and have been participating in LifeSkills Values Education classes. I was asked to attend a meeting at a local church, where I received winter boots and a coat to my surprise! I started going to church every Sunday and brought my 3 younger siblings to the Sunday school too. The church people visited our home and talked about God and prayed for my family. I also shared with my sister about Jesus, and she started coming to the church service with her friends. We love going to Sunday School.

Every Sunday I am excited to come to church earlier, before the other kids arrive. I feel peace when I participate in the worship service. We sing, listen to Bible stories, and create crafts. I believe that God is my friend and my Saviour. At our last church service, my teacher washed the hands of all the children, because most children come to church without washing their hands. We feel much love. I will continue to attend church and our teacher always said that God loves us.

For just $100 CAD, you can help a child like Anu. To learn more about this project, and to purchase a Winter Kit today, click the donate links in the navigation bar.

Warm blessings,

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