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Children everywhere deserve the chance to go to school and receive an education. We are committed to assisting children from vulnerable Cambodian families to receive an education through our Assisting Children to School (ACTS) project. We provide children with school uniforms, footwear, books, school-bags and other necessary resources to attend school – like bicycles if they live far away and healthcare if they’re unwell. We also provide families and teachers with tools and resources and raise awareness of parenting and child rights.

The children in this program are also enrolled in an after-school group called Happy Club, run by volunteers from the church and Asian Outreach staff. There they receive extra tuition, learn bible stories and enjoy playing games. Their parents are encouraged to attend our parenting courses where they’re taught good strategies for supporting the education and development of children.

We’re holistically helping families out of poverty so that eventually they can even pay for their own children to attend school.


  • Over 57% of children have not completed primary school education

  • The majority of children from poor rural families have to work to contribute to the family income

  • Only 60% of local teachers have received a secondary education


Our beneficiaries include: HIV positive children or those whose families are affected by HIV/AIDS, children in the labour force (e.g. working the farm with their parents), school dropouts, children who have experienced some sort of trauma, and children who come from families that live below the poverty line.


You can help by sponsoring a child to go to school. Your support of $40 per month enables a child to go to school, and provides training and support to their family and community. It also helps build the capacity of the teachers and village leaders. 


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The young lady in the middle is Sophea. She is in grade 5. Not only does Sophea have the chance to go to school, but she has been given uniforms, flip-flops, and all the necessary things she needs in order to study. On top of that, her family is receiving training on the dangers of human trafficking, domestic abuse, parenting, and the importance of education, among other key topics.



The young lady in the middle is Thida. For a while, Thida was supported by the ACTS project. Over time, the income level of her family increased through our training, to a point where they no longer need our support. Thida's parents expressed how grateful they were to AO Cambodia for supporting Thida's education, and for the training that helped them increase their family income.

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