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Asian Outreach (AO) works to restore hope and dignity to Cambodians by breaking the poverty cycle in rural communities. Our project area is based in Stung Treng, Cambodia and spreads to ajoining provinces. These areas have been chosen by AO Cambodia because of their need and potential.

Cambodia was greatly impacted by the past civil war and Khmer Rouge eras. Stung Treng is at the crossroads of the progressing GMR development. Each of these provinces primarily rely on agriculture for its economy. Families are trapped in cycles of poverty, struggling to make ends meet every day.



80% of Cambodians die due to preventable diseases - mainly through unclean water & poor sanitation.


34% of Cambodians live on less than $1 a day.


A mere 2% of Cambodians have heard the Gospel.


57% of Cambodian children have not finished primary education. Less than 20% of young people finish high school​.



Asian Outreach works to establish projects and programs to empower the communities we serve. Our goal is to engage families, farmers, small business owners, commune & district leaders, schools, government ministries, and the local church. We provide them with the necessary tools and foundation for a better future. Click on any of the links below to read about our work in Cambodia.

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