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The Centre is a vibrant place to volunteer, teach, share life skills and invest in the lives of Thai youth. It is a network of energetic communities focused on offering formal and informal education programs to provide Thai students with the skills to find quality employment. We share a message of hope and a desire to see God’s purposes fulfilled in the lives of young people of Thailand.


The Centre is a great place to volunteer your life skills with the next generation of Thai young people. Join our amazing group of volunteers—whether it's short or long-term. For more information, contact us or visit

Click the links below if you’d like to visit or volunteer at The Centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand.



Over 30,000 students presently attend Chiang Mai University. The Centre is only a short walk from the main campus!


In a globalized world, ESL is seen as an important part of a Thai student's education. English fluency increases employability.


A mere 1.17% of Thailand's population is Christian. Over 90% of the population practices Buddhism.

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