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A Miracle is Unfolding in Southeast Asia

April 26, 2023

Above: one of the dilapidated schools in the RAN

Dear Friends,

Marnie and I returned a couple of weeks ago from an amazing time in Cambodia and a neighbouring Restricted Access Nation (RAN). Over the past six months, we have convened 2 roundtable meetings with church leaders from both Cambodia and the RAN. There has been a sense of divine timing throughout these meetings. Joining us were also leaders of NGOs operating in the region. I am amazed at the resiliency, passion and testimonies that we heard from so many of these leaders.

In one of the countries, persecution of Christians is a day-to-day experience. As we talked about security, persecution, and being a Christian in this context, one of the leaders stood and said: “Yes there is persecution, yes there are risks, but we cannot stop otherwise nothing will change."

We have felt compelled by God to stand alongside these leaders and see holistic transformation happen within their village communities.Most of the Christian communities are marginalized, treated as outsiders, and are often last in line for any kind of government support—if they receive anything at all. We have learned that they know how to evangelize and plant churches. But, they have admitted that they don’t have the resources or experience to bring any kind of help or change in a physical sense to their communities.


This is a $150,000 project, but we are confident that this is what God has put in front of us. Miracles have already happened, and more miracles will happen. We already have half of the funding committed. Perhaps you would like to be a part of this?

Here's how you can help:

  • $20 will supply a young lady with a Feminine Hygiene Kit.

  • $70 will supply a water filter system for each home.

  • $250 will supply all the materials for a home latrine. Each family will be responsible for digging their own hole and helping with the construction.

  • The cost for each well depends on the location and the depth. Estimates are $1,500 - $2,500.

  • It will cost $30,000 - $40,000 to rebuild the two schools. Our goal is not just to construct new schools, but to also equip them with the resources they need for each classroom.

Thank you so much being a part of this miracle as it unfolds. It is such a privilege for us to be standing alongside our brothers and sisters in Cambodia and the neighbouring RAN. We look forward to sharing the progress with you.

Rich blessings,

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