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Some Good News | WASH

Dear Friends, 

I am reaching out with some fantastic news to start off the week! At present, we have raised approximately $88,000 towards our campaign goal of $150,000.

Praise God, we are over half way there!

Because of your generosity, families across Northern Cambodia and a neighbouring Restricted Access Nation (RAN) will be blessed with clean water and sanitation, community wells, and education for their children. How amazing is that?

In celebration, I would like to share a good news story with you. Hopefully it will give you an idea of the impact this project will have on individuals and families in these rural areas.

Meet Chea Nhoeun. She is a 42-year-old woman who lives in Chomkar Leu Village with her two daughters and one son. For years, she struggled to get clean water for her family. She had to walk a mile every day to collect water from a small pond. The water was often dirty and she had to carry heavy buckets back and forth. This daily routine took up a lot of her time and energy.

Everything changed when a new hand pump well was installed near her home. She was overjoyed to have an easily accessible and reliable source of clean water. She no longer has to walk miles to fetch water from far away. She is able to use the water from the well for drinking, cooking, washing and gardening. The hand pump well helped her to start growing vegetables for her family, which has not only improved their nutrition but also increased their income.

Chea is thrilled that the Water and Sanitation Health project has made such a big difference in her life and her family’s wellbeing. The clean water source has given Chea's family a sense of security and has allowed her to focus on other activities that were previously out of reach. With more free time and increased income, Chea is hopeful for a brighter future for her family.

When we are sensitive to the Lord's will and stand together as difference makers, miracles happen. Thank you for being a part of this project, bringing holistic transformation to Northern Cambodia and the RAN.

Rich blessings,

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