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Cambodia has made impressive progress in increasing access to latrines and improving household sanitation practices. However, there are still many rural households that do not have any access to these facilities and the proper training. These families suffer constant illness which result in interruptions to education and severe economic loss.

The Household WASH (Water & Sanitation Health) project is designed to enable families in rural Cambodia access to safe water, hygiene education and sanitation facilities. With the help of the local church, we provide families and communities with basic hygiene knowledge and promote responsible use of sanitation facilities.


  • 34% of Cambodians live in extreme poverty, making investment in water filtration and sanitation out of reach for many.

  • Of those Cambodians who die prematurely, 80% die due to preventable disease. Lack of clean water & sanitation are major contributing factors.

  • Water-borne diarrhea disease is the second leading cause of death for children under five in Cambodia.

Partner with us:

  • Supply a family with a long-lasting water filter for clean drinking water and an environmentally-safe latrine for $300 CAD.

  • Supply a water tank to store water longer during the hot season for $70 CAD.

  • Drill a community well for $2,000 CAD and supply clean water for 12-15 families.



Chea Nhoeun

"For years, I struggled to get clean water for my family. I had to walk a mile every day to collect water from a small pond and a stream. The water was often dirty, and I had to carry heavy buckets back and forth. Everything changed when a new hand pump well was installed near my home. I was overjoyed to have a reliable source of clean water that was easy to use.  The hand pump well helped me start growing vegetables for my family, which not only improved our nutrition but also increased our income.  The clean water source has given us a sense of security and has allowed me to focus on other activities that were previously out of reach. I can now take better care of my children, andI am hopeful for a brighter future for my family."


Sot Srang

"My family faced a significant challenge due to our remote location, which made finding water a daily struggle. I used to walk a long distance to collect water for our daily needs. In the evenings, my children and I would bathe in the same stream, which wasn't ideal, but we had no other option. Luckily, our village received a game-changing gift that has made a significant impact on our lives: a hand pump well. The reliable source of water has relieved us of the burden of walking long distances to collect water, allowing us to focus on our farming without worrying about water shortage. It has also improved our hygiene in our family. It has had a ripple effect on our income, as we can now devote more time to our farm work and improve our yield."

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