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Asian Outreach North America seeks to provide at-risk Mongolian children with warm winter gear. This will enable them to continue attending school during the coldest months. Winter temperatures in Mongolia routinely drop as low as -40°C. 

A single Winter Kit costs just $100 CAD and includes:

  • A cozy hat

  • One pair of gloves

  • A warm scarf

  • Thermal underwear

  • A thick winter jacket

  • Socks

  • Quality winter boots

Mongolian children who receive a Winter Kit are better equipped to attend school during the coldest months. With fewer days of school missed, these children are able to obtain a good education, which will have a positive impact on their futures and their communities.


Winter Kits are distributed with the help of local churches. Church volunteers have the opportunity to share the Gospel with families and pray for the children. In the past, children have been excited to learn more about God; many have gone on to attend their local church Sunday School.



Batkhangai, Age 9

"I am very happy that I was able to hear about Jesus today. I am also thankful that I have a warm jacket and boots. I have heard that Jesus’ people sent me these gifts. Thank you very much Jesus’ people."


Enkhmunkh, Age 9

"I was presented boots and a coat in church. This is my first time visiting a church. I learned that Jesus loves me. I really want to go to this church. I will pray when I am sick or when I am lonely."


Temujin, Age 7

"I am very happy that I am given this very nice winter coat and boots. I also heard the good news of Jesus. I was told that Jesus loves me, so He sent the warm clothes to me. Thank you!"

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