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God is doing incredible things in Mongolia! When communism fell and Christian missionaries entered the country in 1990, they could find only 4 Christians in the whole land – they had their evangelistic work cut out for them. The full bible was only just translated in 2002 so it is fair to say that this is a country rather ‘new’ to the Christian faith. Fast-forward to now and there are over 90,000 believers – God is turning peoples’ hearts to him in this nation.  Still, half the population are spread across the vast land in small isolated villages and have not heard about Jesus yet.

The Genesis Asian Outreach Mongolia (G-AOM) team have a clear and powerful vision to see people throughout the whole country, come to know about Jesus. Their strategy involves church-planting in remote areas  as well as training and equipping church leaders through a leadership training programme. G-AOM is also committed to demonstrating and proclaiming God’s love to families by meeting the physical and spiritual needs of children. This is carried out through LifeSkills Values Education classes (teaching biblical values in state schools) and distributing Winter Kits (quality jackets and boots) to the most vulnerable. 



Economic development in Mongolia is hindered by corruption and dishonesty.


The majority of educators in Mongolia are not provided with the necessary materials or curriculum that enables them to inculcate good values within their classrooms.


36% of the population live below the poverty line.



Asian Outreach works to establish projects and programs to empower the communities we serve. Our goal is to engage families, farmers, small business owners, commune & district leaders, schools, government ministries, and the local church. We provide them with the necessary tools and foundation for a better future. Click on any of the projects below to read about our work in Mongolia.

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