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2024 English Camps | The Centre, Chiang Mai

Dear Friends, 

I am excited to share an update from The Centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

For those unfamiliar, The Centre is a vibrant ministry dedicated to offering formal and informal education programs to equip Thai students with the skills needed for quality employment. Rooted in a message of hope and a deep desire to see God's purposes fulfilled in the lives of young people in Thailand, The Centre is making a significant impact through its various initiatives.

The Centre has two upcoming English Camps scheduled for July and November. These camps provide an invaluable opportunity for the Centre's team to engage with students in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, fostering deeper conversations about faith and life.

During these camps, students are treated to shared meals, interactive English-learning games, heartfelt life stories, and meaningful conversations. These moments of connection allow The Centre staff to build genuine relationships with students and share the love of Jesus in tangible ways.

To ensure the success of these events, we are aiming to raise $5,000 in support. Your partnership in this endeavor will enable The Centre to continue its vital work of empowering and uplifting young people in Thailand.

Would you consider joining us in support of these English Camps? Your contribution will make a meaningful difference in students' lives, aligning with God's vision for growth and transformation in Chiang Mai.

To watch a video highlight of a past English Camp, click here. To learn more about The Centre, click here.

Rich blessings,

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