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It's Christmas in July!

Dear Friends, 

It's Christmas in July again!

Last year, along with our partners, we were able to purchase 600 Winter Kits for at-risk Mongolian children between the ages of 6 and 14. Because of your generosity, Asian Outreach North America was able to contribute 200 kits! The children who received these kits would otherwise have fallen behind in their education, as they were not equipped to travel to school when temperatures dropped as low as -40°C.

This year, the target has increased to 1,200 kits. Our personal goal is to purchase 300 Winter Kits. As a reminder, a single kit costs only $100 CAD and includes: a hat, a pair of gloves, a scarf, thermal underwear, a thick jacket, socks, and a warm pair of boots.

Those new here may be wondering: why are we worrying about the winter during the summer? It is funny to think about frostbite when the the air is warm and everyone is wearing shorts and t-shirts.

However, it's important that we begin our fundraising for this initiative early to ensure that our team in Mongolia has sufficient time to source out, purchase, and distribute the gear before the frost hits. Even a few missed days of school can have a negative impact on a child's education.

Would you like to help? To learn more about the Winter Kits project and to donate today, follow the links below.

Warm blessings,

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