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Celebrating Our Impact in Laos - You Made a Difference!

Dear Friends, 

I hope this email finds you well. I am thrilled to share an exciting update regarding our recent visit to Laos and the remarkable progress of our Water and Sanitation Health project. It's truly a testament to the positive impact that your support has had on the lives of many.

During our visit to Laos, Marnie and I had the privilege of witnessing a significant transformation in Paksong District. In addition to our ongoing efforts to improve water and sanitation facilities is our mission to build two brand new schools. As I have previously discussed, the existing schools were in such a state of disrepair that words alone cannot adequately describe their condition.

As such, the highlight of our trip was undoubtedly November 2nd when we, along with many others from the Paksong District, gathered for the grand opening of one of these new schools! The District Governor expressed that it had been an extraordinarily long time since such a significant event had occurred in their community. The celebration united ten villages, and we were honoured to stand alongside those who worked tirelessly to make this project a reality.

What's even more heartwarming is the impact these schools are having on the Christian community in Laos. One of our key Christian leaders shared with us, "Before this school project, no one knew who we were. Now, we are known in ten villages." This accomplishment was one of the primary goals of our project – to elevate the status of Christians within the community and with government officials, demonstrating that Lao Christians are valuable citizens.

It's important to emphasize that your support played a pivotal role in making this school possible. Thanks to your generosity, 150 children in grades 1 to 3 now have access to three brand new classrooms, where they can receive an education in a safe and conducive environment.

We are profoundly grateful for your continued support, as it has helped us make a tangible difference in the lives of these children and their communities. We firmly believe that these initiatives will contribute to the spread of the gospel throughout the region and bring about positive change for years to come.

Once again, thank you for being an essential part of this journey. Your commitment and compassion continue to inspire us, and we look forward to sharing more success stories with you in the future.

With heartfelt gratitude,

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