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Transforming Lives in Mongolia | LifeSkills Values Education

Dear Friends, 

I hope this email finds you well. I recently returned from a trip to Mongolia where I had the opportunity to witness firsthand the incredible impact of our LifeSkills Values Education Program in Erdenet. I am thrilled to share with you some highlights and updates from our work there.

The LifeSkills Values Education Program in Mongolia is driven by a profound mission: to empower Mongolian children to develop strong character, strengthen families by instilling good values in children, and ultimately contribute to the betterment of Mongolian society. It's about nurturing a generation of responsible citizens who will shape a prosperous future for their country.

One of the challenges we face is the outdated educational system in Mongolia, still influenced by past ideologies. Despite these hurdles, our program is making significant strides. Currently, we are working with 700 children across 35 classes, and the impact is tangible.

We've observed that younger children are more receptive to the program, while older students present a greater challenge. Nevertheless, the enthusiasm among students is evident—LifeSkills has become their favourite class. They're learning invaluable lessons on forgiveness, respect, and the detrimental effects of bullying. Moreover, they're taking these teachings home, influencing younger siblings and even engaging in private discussions with our teachers.

The statistics regarding issues like divorce, teenage pregnancies, and STDs in Erdenet are alarming. However, through our program, we're fostering a cultural shift. Teachers and principals alike are recognizing the transformative power of LifeSkills education within schools.

There's a growing demand for our program to expand, with 14,000 students eagerly awaiting its implementation in their classrooms. Additionally, we're proud to have played a role in shaping new education laws that prioritize character development and implementing child protection policies within schools.

In light of these successes, we're exploring opportunities to further support the education system in Mongolia, including sending volunteers to teach English.

Before I sign off, I want to share a heartwarming moment from my trip. On the final day of school and LifeSkills classes, the principal surprised our teachers with drawings and notes of gratitude from the students. Witnessing the emotional impact on our teachers reaffirmed the profound difference our program is making in the lives of these children.

None of this would be possible without your unwavering support. Thank you for believing in our mission and standing with us as we continue to empower communities in Mongolia and beyond.

Rich blessings,


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