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LifeSkills Values Education | Equipping Kids, Changing Families

December 14, 2022

Dear Friends,

We are keeping the spotlight on Asian Outreach Mongolia (AOM) again this week with an update on the LifeSkills Values Education program!

For those who don't know, AOM's LifeSkills program supplements the Mongolian national education curriculum through ethics education. The goal is to equip Mongolian children with valuable life skills and to aid in their development of strong values. The curriculum was developed by Mongolian teachers to address the challenges they had perceived within their classrooms. The character values are modelled on the Judeo-Christian character values, with stories illustrating characteristics derived from Scripture.

Recently, the LifeSkills team visited three classrooms in Nalaikh. The children in these classrooms were around the age of ten.

The children were eager to talk about how the program has changed their lives. Many of the children reported that they have been demonstrating their learning and new life skills within their homes!

Afterward, the team met with the Head of Teaching for Nalaikh district, as well as the Commissioner of Families and Children. Both people were excited about the program's success and the positive impact it is having on their communities.

This vital program not only gives us the opportunity to impact these kids, it also gives us the chance to share the love of Christ with their families; this happens through seminars and home visits in cooperation with local churches. It is our hope that the LifeSkills Values Education program will help shape a generation of citizens who will transform Mongolia.

Will you help us to continue equipping children with ethics education? Click the buttons below to donate today!

Christmas blessings,

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